Meredith Grey seemed to have a lock on all the negative energy circulating around Seattle Grace Hospital. But after last season's game changing shooting, it looks like now there's plenty of dark and twisty energy to go around.

Fourteen people were shot and 11 people dead inside Seattle Grace Hospital on the day of the shooting and it seems that every single principal cast member has their own dark and twisty recovery road to travel down. Once the dust had settled, each of the residents and attendings at SGH presented with their own ways of dealing with the crisis. Cristina and Owen decided to get married; Lexie was committed to a psych ward; Bailey fled town for a month and Derek Shepherd began taking a keen interest in skyrocketing down the Seattle freeways at about 150 MPH. To say that none of these people are anywhere close to being back to normal would be the understatement of the century.

Through a series of flashbacks and therapy sessions that ranged from slightly humorous to downright tear-jerkery, we saw just how each and every doctor managed either to cope with the shooting or completely fall apart as a result of it. However, one by one the doctors of Seattle Grace were cleared for surgery by a grief counselor. Everyone except for Meredith, who instead spent the entire hour trying to convince everyone she was "fine" while also trying to make everyone see just how "not fine" they all really were.

See? Doesn't that sound crazy?

While Derek and April split open a boy's face to remove a spinal tumor and Cristina was trying choose a floral arrangement in the OR gallery, Meredith's facade of "fine" finally snapped. She was mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore.

[There was a video here]

Now, despite the fact that this is the same hospital that nearly saw itself blown up—one of a number of plotlines throughout the show's run that one would deem traumatic—it's clear from last night that this season is going to center squarely on how these doctors have changed for better or worse. Shonda Rhimes took everyone—including us, the audience—out of our comfort zones last season when she killed off half the cast and it looks like she has no intention of sending us back. By the end of last night, the same Cristina that had to be scissored out of her last wedding gown jumped back into holy matrimony, Meredith still hadn't told Derek that she suffered a miscarriage, Derek was in prison and Lexie was still giving everyone the crazy eye. Even Bailey, the show's most resilient character was clearly still mending underneath her veneer of infallibility and ended up losing it by the hour's end and in the process decided to sabotage her own chance at a happy ending.

[There was a video here]

Luckily for her, this speech did not at all sabotage her chance at another Emmy nod.

So to sum up, everyone is dealing. Or not dealing. Or moving in with their lesbian partners—Hey Callie!—whatever the case may be. But with Meredith styled to look like Sarah Jessica Parker's stunt double at Cristina's wedding I couldn't help but wonder, who really has it worst?