Here's what a farmer's market is: farmers, selling their wares, in a market. Here's what a farmer's market isn't: Safeway wheeling its tomatoes out in front of the store. Okay, well, you don't have to so elitist about it!

The WSJ reports that supermarkets now just put some produce and shit outside and declare that they have opened a "farmer's market." This tends to piss off farmers. And hippies, and yuppies, but mostly farmers. The real problem? Farmers just don't understand this stuff.

Supervalu spokesman Mike Siemienas said the Albertson signs were justified because all the produce advertised came from local farmers. "These 'Farmers Markets' provide local growers with access to more consumers, giving them an efficient way to increase sales of their produce," he said in an email.

Farmers' profit at a farmer's market: 90%. At a supermarket: 10%. They're both better than 0%! Suck it up, farmers. Next trend: urban-weary fauxhemians interning in supermarkets. You heard it here first.

[WSJ. Pic of typical farmer's market via]