Remember that time Attack of the Show! guest host Jessica Chobot got a little too excited about ejaculation on live television? Miraculously, she was invited back, and she did not disappoint. It's Thursday's Teleprompter Bloopers: Part 2!

First of all, here's the official version of the segment in question, in which Jessica gets a little silly while discussing the latest radio-controlled contraptions:

That clip was edited, however, to exclude this little bit of failure as Chobot attempts to set up the next segment, an interview with Outsourced, Drew Carey Show, and Office Space star Diedrich Bader:

[There was a video here]

Conspiracy theorists take note! Both G4TV and E! are headquartered in the same building in L.A. Could yesterday's teleprompter foibles be related? Perhaps there was a "Support Prop 19" [] rally in the cafeteria at lunchtime?

Here's the actual Diedrich Bader interview, if you're interested. Did you know that he's also the animated voice of Batman?