A network sitcom is born from a popular Twitter feed, and gains hype from its controversial title. William Shatner signs on and we expect a train wreck, but from the start it aims to please rather than shock.

The Pitch

The Dad from Everybody Loves Raymond gets his own show, and it's played by William Shatner.

The Setup

In the opening scene, we see Henry Goodson nervously return home. He's been laid off and must ask for money from his dad, with whom he has not sustained a great relationship. Shatner is given the Jaws treatment, waking from the shadows, and is introduced with a shotgun in hand. It's an edgy, outspoken old man and he'll say anything! Roll the title and let the show begin.

Ed Goodson (Shatner) is a 72 year old retired Navy doctor who is divorced and lives alone in his well-kept San Diego home. He has two sons: the aforementioned Henry, and Vince. Vince occasionally stops by with his wife Bonnie (who are both played by MadTV alums Will Sasso and Nicole Sullivan), to help out, and in the following scene Henry confides to them that he has not yet asked for money.

[There was a video here]

The episode follows the struggle in their father-son relationship as they set the tone for how the series will play out. Henry is moving in with his dad!

Cringe Factor (Out of 10)

Remember the Family Guy joke where Brian makes fun of a script for naming it's character John Everyman? Henry Goodson is laying it on a little bit thick. 6.

Is there a self-referential Shatner meta moment?
Why yes!

[There was a video here]

How Long Until it's Canceled?

Six seasons. William Shatner is a household name and that counts for more than you think. Even if you only know him as the Priceline Negotiator. Plus it's on CBS - it's hard to fail when it bestows upon you the coveted Thursday 8:30 slot.