The Way We Live Now: winning big! One of us, at least. For the vast majority it's bad timing and scoffing and worrying and generally just behaving like life is unbearable. But for one lucky gambler: foolish bets pay!

Garina Fearon was slogging away as a prison guard on Riker's Island. Until just now when she won $54 million in the lottery and is a new hero! This photogenic woman's amazing turnaround story is proof to all the angry proletariat seething with class rage: your time, too, may come! A revolution would end your chances at hitting the lottery!

Think about that seriously!

The Irish economy's not doing so well, but stop and consider the fact that it's run by the Irish, before you draw any broad conclusions from that. On Wall Street, though, it looks like traders have bravely overcome this morning's news that stock picking is dead to spark a September rush that should be a big flashing sign that it's time to get back into stocks again.

Just be sure to get out before the next crash, this coming spring.

Home sales are up. Though still dismal! Is the worst over? Nay, nay, for life is but a fleeting momentary pleasure. I don't know to break it to you. This recover is already old news.

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