Meet Red™, Virgin America's in-flight entertainment system. Red allows you to control what you watch, when and what you want to eat or drink, and what you want to listen to, via touchscreen or remote control.

Basically, if you fly Virgin America, you'll be able to control your universe. You get access to more than 25 on-demand movies and 18 channels of live TV; a 3,000 MP3 library with the ability to create your own playlist; a library of video games, like DOOM Interactive; and Google Maps, so you can track your journey at eight levels of zoom.

And, you can curate your Twitter account from 35,000 feet on Virgin America's fleetwide WiFi. If you reach the end of the Internet, you can turn to quasi-human contact by chatting with seatmates via onboard, seat-to-seat chat messaging.

Order food and drink on demand at every seatback, then sit back, chow down, and shop digitally.

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