Tonight on Mad Men, the ceiling came perilously close to crashing down on the men of SCPD. Don, Roger and Lane had been childishly living just on the edge, and tonight, that little push came to send them over.

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce has always existed in a tenuous place by relying too heavily on one large client, Lucky Strike. After Lee Garner Sr.'s "incapacitation" and a change in philosophy amongst the company's board of directors, SCPD is fired. The realization of SCDP's imminent doom because of this is not lost on Roger, who all but grovels at the feet of Lee Garner, Jr. And once again, we see how little Roger has actually done: he inherited the account the same way he inherited the company and everything else in his life.

Lane, we're made aware, has settled into single life in the city. He's been dating a bunny at the Playboy club and seems to be quite happy. But all the changes when his father arrives in New York for the express purpose of bringing Lane home to settle things with his wife. When Lane refuses, his father takes the extreme action of a harsh disciplinarian and Lane falls into line. And we see how, even though he's the man at SCDP, to his father, he's just a little boy with a mess to clean up.


And, of course, things almost fell apart completely for Don. After a new client requires a Department of Defense clearance that results in background checks, Don's false identity comes close to being realized by all. But Betty lies for him and Pete does what he can to protect him. None of it stops Don from having a panic attack about having to come clean.

Don then comes clean about what happened in Korea to Dr. Miller and they dropped the account, so everything is all good for him. But, never before have we seen Don ready to give it all up, ready to stop lying. Will that feeling be as fleeting as his attempt to curtail his drinking from a few episodes ago or has Don truly turned a corner? With only a few episodes left in Season 4, we won't have to wait too long to find out.