This week's kiss-tasting challenge was inspired by the Rock of Love incident in which Marcia kissed Bret Michaels moments after praying at the porcelain altar. On VH1, there's always time for coffee-flavored kisses and a bit of conversation.

In lieu of analyzing this gastronomic disaster ourselves, we'll let the participants explain as they go:

Captain Chi-Chi of the victorious green team was then given a unique opportunity. The gold team nominated 20 Pack, Garth, and Brittanya for elimination. Apparently, Brittanya and Chi-Chi used to be an item, but more recently, the uniquely-accessorized sex kitten has been sharing a bed with 20 Pack. Garth and the show's producers had the good sense to make light of the situation:


Ultimately, Chi-Chi sent 20 Pack home, no doubt wanting to see what other outfits Brittanya brought with her to Mexico. I mean, we sure as heck do. For more barely-concealed insanity, tune in Thursdays at 11 PM on VH1!