What you have to remember about The Good Guys is that it borrows a premise from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit (and its related novels): what if cartoons and humans lived and worked together?

The difference is, of course, that on The Good Guys, both the cartoons and the humans are portrayed by actual humans. Dan Stark, for example, is a cartoon. He's a caricature of a rule-bending, perp-busting detective from a late '70s/early '80s cop show, and he's played by Bradley Whitford with a level of joie de vivre you normally only see from young musicians playing to sold-out crowds for the first time.

The Bad Guys on The Good Guys are also 'toons, typically, and the Georgian numbskulls from Friday's season opener were no exception. Colin Hanks plays the Bob Hoskins role in this metaphor, and his Jack Bailey somehow manages to approach his Toontown predicament with a surprisingly believable mixture of exasperation and glee. Jack's fellow humans on the Dallas PD, however, are far less amused by Dan's cartoonish antics:

[There was a video here]

The Good Guys airs Friday nights at 9PM on FOX, which is a fitting time-slot for those of us who grew up accustomed to watching The Dukes of Hazzard and Dallas on that night. Dan Stark would surely relate.