The fourth season of Chuck, having gotten underway last week, is humming along smoothly - Chuck and Sarah are together, Morgan's running the Buy More and Ellie is pregnant. This week, the final ingredients fell into place: nerds and supermodels.

Yes, the combination of nerds and supermodels has always been the show's secret ingredient and tonight the recipe was on full display. When Chuck and Sarah traveled to Milan to take down real-life supermodel Karolina Kurkova playing a supermodel-spy, things got heated, as they tend to do.


Back on the home front, the Buy More has been turned into a high-functioning CIA outpost, but that doesn't sit well with Morgan, who knows that without a certain level of incompetence and nonchalance, it's not quite right. Cue the nerds!

And check out who's a new CIA operative/Buy More staffer. It's Old Spice Man himself Isaiah Mustafa, playing a man your man can sell appliances like.