Did you know that Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich was fried peanut butter and bananas? Fans say the King added bacon, too. Some NPR reporters decided to recreate "The Elvis," and the first bite got this reaction: "Wow, this is gross."

NPR's "Wait Wait... Don't Blog Me" blog cooked up The Elvis for "Sandwich Monday" and their reactions are pretty great.

Mike: Wow, this is gross. The flavors don't blend. It's like N'SYNC. They're great together, but as solo acts not so much.

Eva: Yes, they're competing.

Ian: If we're talking about N'SYNC, this sandwich is definitely Joey Fatone.

Ian: I'd prefer my bacon on the side.

Eva: Elvis never had anything on the side. He just had another one of these sandwiches beside his sandwich.

Mike: I just don't see what the fuss is about.

Ian: Maybe Elvis liked his so much because he also put pills on his sandwich. Peanut butter, banana, bacon, and quaaludes.


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