Grand larcenies in the NYC subway system were up 15% last month, and police say it's all thanks to one devious crime: people grabbing your iPhone, or iPod, or other iThing, and running away. Do you never learn, trendsetters?

"We often see spikes in thefts of popular items, especially in teen-on-teen crime after school," [NYPD spokesman Paul] Browne said. "For example, when eight-ball jackets were popular among teens, we saw a spike in their thefts. Same thing when certain expensive sneakers became popular. In more recent years, Sidekicks, cellphones and iPhones were targeted."

You had your 8-ball jacket jacked in 1991. You had your Jordans jacked in 1994. And yet you still haven't learned your lesson, "cool" teenagers? Showing off never pays.

[WSJ. Pic via]