How Did a 3-Year-Old Bring Pot to School?

A three-year-old in Lake City, Florida, brought 20 grams of marijuana to school before another student ratted him out to the teacher. They start them early these days, don't they? And since when do three-year-olds go to school?

In any event, the teacher called the cops who got in touch with the child's mother, who said she had no idea where the pot came from. (We have discovered that this isn't really the best excuse when you're busted with drugs. We have found it customary to say you were just holding it for a friend.) The mother might have been telling the truth, actually, because a search of her home turned up no other illegal drugs. Maybe the mother isn't the one who had the drugs in the first place? Maybe the kid bought them from bong baby? He lives in Florida, too!

[Image via Girish Menon/Shutterstock]