On last night's episode of The Big C, Cathy found another lump growing on her body, or should we say the handsome custodian did. Another lump was another reminder that time is running out. Will she ever tell her secret?

While Idris Elba's hand was in the cookie jar during another romp in the copy room, he happened upon a lump on Cathy's "lower back side". Turns out, her annoying family only constitute figurative pains in the ass, while cancer is proving to be quite literal. Cathy returned to her know-it-all doctor for consultation.


Well that went well.

Clearly affected by her doctor's advice, Cathy took this as a catalyst to try to salvage her splintered family. And what better way to regroup her fam than sparking nostalgia? Cathy commissioned her j.o. of a husband to join her son in some annual town tradition of a bathtub race. This, as it turned out sparked some old feelings between the separated couple.

Man, her husband is such a douche. Way to ruin a great opportunity, Paul. Now, not knowing who to trust, Cathy went to her surgery alone, where she eventually woke up the same way. Knowing that she couldn't drive herself home, who would she call?


Wow. Well there you have it. Where will we find our lovely Laura Linney next week? Only one way to find out. See you next Tuesday, Big C.