According to an analysis of census data, young Americans are marrying later and less frequently than ever. Not surprising, but some experts say this is in part due to our crappy economy. Young people are too poor to get hitched.

According to the Times, last year the number of young americans who had never been married surpassed the number who were married for the first time on record, reflecting a general trend away from marriage:

Among the total population 18 and older, the share of men and women who were married fell from 57 percent in 2000 to 52 percent in 2009 ... the lowest percentage since the government began collecting data more than 100 years ago. The share of adult women who were married fell below half, to 49.9 percent.

Experts say this is due to two things: 1) Nobody has a job anymore, so they can't afford their insanely expensive wedding to buy a house and settle down 2) It's socially acceptable now to just live with your boyfriend/girlfriend in sin, and young people would rather do that than committing to a marriage.

Listen, American population age 18 and older. We hate to spoil your fun, but maybe it's time you thought about settling down? You're not getting any younger. What about that nice guy with the haircut? Jim? James?