Iowa's senior senator Chuck Grassley, who has a famously incoherent Twitter feed, finally brags about it on the air.

Mike, Mike, Mike Weinstein! This Florida state representative's catchy campaign jingle hopefully got him laid or something.

Florida independent Senate candidate Charlie Crist tried to use a bunch of color-coded letters and switch them around to prove a point, but ended up failing and lying.

These country club gals don't care about Connecticut Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon's trashy background with World Wrestling Entertainment; they just want to par-tay. Ohhhh yeaahhhh....

New Hampshire Senate candidate Jim Bender thought showing a fat slob Uncle Sam gorging himself on cake would be neat, but it was mostly disgusting.

Florida congressional candidate Dan Fanelli is sick of this political correctness! The brown people are terrorists. Just look at this hulking brown mass, eh?

Alabama gubernatorial candidate Bradley Byrne was attacked for being pro-evolution, and questioning whether the Bible wasn't entirely real.

Florida congressional candidate Rudy Moise's repetition in this ad is almost as annoying as the autotune. Almost.

Arizona congressional candidate Pamela Gorman just shot some guns for a while, to look tough.

Former vice president Dan Quayle's son, Ben, is purchasing himself a congressional seat this year in... Arizona! Watch him stutter and swoop and dive inanely while he labels Barack Obama "the worst president in history."

Denver mayor John Hickenlooper, running for Colorado governor, says he needs to take a cold shower after watching negative campaign ads. But why does he shower in his clothes? Colorado, man.

The NRA tried to "trigger the vote" for this fall's elections with a strange Chuck Norris redneck-parody ad.

[There was a video here]

Some stalker-y Chicago dentist produced this "Hillary for 2012" ad and ran it in New Orleans, for some reason.

California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina's "Demon Sheep" ad: Can anything compare? Will this ever be topped?

"Abraham Lincoln" confirmed to Alabama congressional candidate Rick Barber that taxes are worse than slavery and the Holocaust.

Alabama congressional candidate Rick Barber also tried to draft the founding fathers into war against the United States government. Funny guy! (He lost.)

Dale Peterson didn't give a rip what you thought about his first campaign ad for Alabama agriculture commissioner, the most American thing ever made.

Dale Peterson also didn't give a rip about losing his campaign for Alabama agriculture commissioner.

If Tim James were governor of Alabama, he'd only give the damn driver's license test in English. Makes sense to us... [endless pause]... does it to you?

North Carolina congressional candidate Tim D'Annunzio held a "machine gun social" for supporters at a local firing range, and then a food-stealing hippie protester showed up.

The 'Meg-a-Tar' animated attack ad on California gubernatorial candidate will give us all the worst nightmares, forever.

What else was Dwight McKenna going to joke about in his ad for New Orleans coroner? Just show lots of dead bodies and creepy hunchbacks.