She'll talk to you, she'll play games with you, and for a little extra she'll consider doing even more. Welcome to GameCrush, the new website that helps nerds battle loneliness and young women battle the recession.

The official rate to video chat and play videogames with a girl on GameCrush is $0.60 per minute. But as Mashable's Ben Parr points out, there's an expectation of tipping built into the system. Also built into the system: A red light district called "The Edge." That's probably no surprise, given that the site's backers include classy porn purveyor Cyan Banister. Add it all up, and GameCrush looks like a cleverly veiled sex talk parlor. Indeed, the site's FAQ says, "GameCrush does not monitor, moderate or otherwise control the interaction between its users." Right on. Just remember, fellas: You can pwn Halo and still get played.

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