Max Moreno was a 21 year-old Pace University business student who cops say was selling weed out of his luxury apartment in the Financial District. Wednesday morning, two people ran up in his apartment and shot him dead.

Detectives said that the victim, Max Moreno of Matawan, N.J., sold marijuana to a man and woman about midnight and that after the two left his apartment, on the 37th floor of 2 Gold Street in the financial district, two men armed with a gun barged through the door.

They demanded money; Moreno refused; there was a struggle; he was shot in the head and killed. The shooters got away. Police are investigating whether he was set up by his buyers.

Considering the fact that Moreno lived in a FiDi tower (2 Gold Street, pictured at top) where one-bedrooms start at $3,050 a month, he probably didn't need to be selling weed. But considering how dumb many of us also were in college, and how dumb most 21 year-olds are, regardless of their socioeconomic status, perhaps the best lesson to take from this is: legalize marijuana, immediately. For fuck's sake. A college kid getting murdered will always draw more attention than a high school dropout in the Bronx getting murdered for the same reason, which will itself draw more attention than a bunch of poor Mexicans getting murdered for the same reason. But it's all bad.

Also, do what people with guns say. Life is not a movie.