The rich: what the hell are they doing with their time, anyhow? Published reports indicate that the wealthy and successful among us are primarily engaged in two activities: teaching your college class, and eating cheap hamburgers.

Wealthy-watching news outlet the Wall Street Journal today spies twin trends that could shake to the very foundation your perception of what it means to be "rich" and/ or "successful" here in America. Unsatisfied with traditional measures such as money or sheer tonnage of prostitutes one could purchase, the new rich are taking on more...exotic hobbies.

A new study shows that "'ultra-affluent' consumers boosted their fast-food spending by 24% in the second quarter, compared with the year-earlier period, while fast-food spending among the rest of U.S. consumers rose 8%." That's right: the rich are eating three Big Macs for each one of yours, just because they can afford to do so. Or, they could be fortifying themselves for their fabulous second job: teaching your college class. Don't you know? All the wealthy and successful are doing it, for kicks!

In a time of inconspicuous consumption, an adjunct-professorship at a prestigious university is a coveted token of success among finance, law and media professionals.

Hmmm. That may explain how this happened. (BUT WHERE ARE HER BIG MACS?)

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