Last week's episode hinted that something was amiss in Hank's new/old house, before teasing us in the final scene with an image of some sort of burglar retreating into the ceiling while Hank was distracted with his guitar.

Episode context had me fooled that the shadowy creature was one of Britt's roguish colleagues, but last night's installment revealed the truth:


So, you have a sister. Now your feelings have betrayed her, too. While Steph's predicament might strike you as absurd, it was met with familiar nods around my household: when I was a kid, my mother had a similar friend from college who would occasionally arrive unannounced to occupy the dark corners of our house. Until much later in life, I knew her only by her collegiate nickname, "Snake."

ANYWAY, the rest of last night's episode involved the fate of the unscrupulous local bigwig Hank and Britt framed in the pilot. The pair returned to working for their adversary in exchange for info on a larger conspiracy embedded in the infrastructure of the Ocean Beach region. After Hank and Britt helped bail their new frenemy out of jail, though, the Third Fate intervened, leading Hank's sister to discover that she has inadvertently been cast in a supporting role in Weekend at Bernie's III:

If you're wondering about the stunning family resemblance, that is in fact Donal Logue's real-life sister Karina under the hoodie. And if you can't quite decide what to make of Donal Logue himself, I highly recommend listening to this recent interview, after which you are guaranteed to either love him or hate him. Since he used to hang out with the Lemonheads, I'm contractually obligated to be a fan for life.