Hauled into Divorce Court by her lying, cheating husband, Madea Family Reunion actress D'Atra Hicks began to moan. Then she wailed. Then closed her eyes and unleashed a bluesy, brokenhearted tune that would put Amy Winehouse to shame.

D'Atra—who is a singer, too, apparently—told Judge Lynn Toler that she's "going to anger management class," which is where she learned to channel her rage into song. "I used to punch him in the face," she said of husband Loren Harper.

As Loren spoke, D'Atra hummed a quiet song of woe. Her voice rose as Loren's mistress arrived in court to tell her side of the story—and show off the ring Loren stole from D'Atra to give to her. "Lord have mercy, Jesus! Oooh! Ooohhh!" D'Atra wailed, her voice sailing through warbling octaves of grief. "Ohh, yeeeahh! Yeeeahhh! Your Hooo-ooo-oo-nor!" This entire video is worth watching, particularly the end when D'Atra sings a victory ode upon defeating mean Loren and his nasty mistress in court. [via NYMag, Crushable]