Hey guys, did you hear about Sammi Sweetheart's new line of hair extensions? Let's make fun of that and all the things that happen on tonight's episode of Jersey Shore. Come and join the fun!

We're going to be in the comments section of this post dissecting every single moment of the most important sociological experiment of our time. Here's what you should do. At 10pm, turn your TV to MTV and start watching the show. When you have a question, comment or snide remark, type it in the white box below and click the "Share" button. Congrats, you are live blogging! When you're done with that, check out the other comments and leave your replies. Then refresh the page and look at all the new comments and the replies to your original comments. See, it's like sitting in a room full of really cool, funny people. That is sort of like the opposite of living in the Jersey Shore house, so you know it's got to be fun.

Alright, guys, see you in the comments. If you can't find your way there, maybe we can make a rope ladder out of Sammi's hair extensions or something.