Lightning may have struck eight unlucky patients tonight on Grey's Anatomy, but it was the Seattle Grace doctors who were suffering temporary bouts of paralysis—emotionally, that is. Cue the Ellen Pompeo monologue!

Here's how tonight started. Meredith, who while not cleared for surgery by the hospital's appointed trauma therapist, still had not told Derek about her pregnancy at the end of last season. Cristina, also not cleared to scrub in, continued dealing with the aftermath of the shooting, her nuptials the night before, and her pending return to surgery—a wedding gift from Owen who forced through her OR clearance with the Chief. And Lexie, the girl everyone thinks will snap again, struggled with proving to everyone that she doesn't belong in the psych ward. "$50 says she's back in the cuckoo's nest by lunch," Cristina said voicing everyone's opinion, also playing the kettle to Lexie's pot and calling her black.

Why the call of hypocrisy on my part, you ask? Because right in the middle of her first surgery this happened:

[There was a video here]

It's a good thing Meredith was there to do her best friend-thing and save Cristina from her own PTSD-induced paralysis after that. The patient survived despite Cristina's panic attack, luckily. And Owen realized that pushing Cristina to perform surgery before she was ready actually did her more harm than good. Whether Cristina will ever be OK enough to operate again is still anyone's guess—and probably the story arc of the next few episodes! But at least she's finally allowing herself to be honest about the impact of the shooting on her psyche. And thanks to her, Meredith finally drummed up the courage to tell Derek about her miscarriage, finally overcoming her biggest hurdle on the road to being a shiny, happy person. Admitting that to Derek, and then admitting that she had no control over what happens in life to her therapist also got her cleared for surgery by episode's end. So, yay! Surgery! Here's hoping she doesn't end up on the floor of the OR too.

Oh, and some other things happened:

Arizona and Callie tried to decide on a paint color for their new apartment. And I decided that these two lesbians are boring.

Mark spent the entire episode trying to decide whether or not to propose to Loony Lexie. Callie said no. He said, yes. And when he finally drummed up the courage to open his heart to her he let her push him away with a speech about how he was stifling her recovery or something. If he only had a brain...

And bringing it on back to the whole shooting thing, Bailey finally got Alex to remove the bullet lodged in his chest by forcing him into an OR, removing his shirt and climbing onto a table. She explained that she didn't need any more reminders about the worst day of her life. As if she didn't also just want to see him shirtless. Though maybe I'm just projecting?

In any event, he is not completely bullet-free and, for now, it looks like everyone's worst days seem to be behind them.