The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing Fox News for retaliating against a former correspondent who'd complained about sex and age discrimination. You know whose fault this is? The biased NObama administration's, naturally.

Catherine Herridge (pictured) filed a complaint with Fox News a couple of years ago, alleging that the company gave women and minorities fewer career opportunities. Fox News investigated itself, found itself innocent, and then, according to the new lawsuit, made sure that Herridge's next contract "included language barring her from making more discrimination complaints."

Which is illegal! So the EEOC is suing. Which is, you know, the entire reason the EEOC exists, more or less. But don't let that fool you. Connect the dots, sheeple. NObama hates Fox News. NObama controls the gubmint. Ergo, this whole thing is political.

A Fox spokesperson said [to THE POLITICO]: "We're not going to respond to a suspiciously timed press release from the EEOC."

You got that right. In a totally fair nation, a mob of working class Americans with sick kids in failing schools and no health care would have torched Fox News headquarters long ago. Why the delay? It's all very suspicious.

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