How can you tell that a new show has finally hit its stride? When Community brings the hysterical Rob Corddry and newly-thinner Drew Carey on for an episode and they're not even the funniest part of the show. Highlights inside!

Rob Corddry enters as a fantastically-cast lawyer that used to work at the same firm as Jeff before Jeff was disbarred and sent to Community college. Annie remembers him from her days at Narcotics Anonymous and realizes that he was the one that ruined Jeff's career as a lawyer. The gang sets a plan in action to crash the party they were both attending and expose the truth.

Guess who played the boss? Skinny Drew Carey (whose character happened to have a hole in his hand.)

While everyone else is enjoying the party, upstairs Abed, Troy, and Annie decide to break into the office and expose Jeff's so-called "friend" for what he is. It doesn't go down very well (and Annie pretty much gets addicted to using chloroform.)

[There was a video here]

While all of this is happening, Senor Chang was dancing the night away at the Octoberfest Pop and Lock competition, waiting for the rest of his team to join him. The deal—agreed upon earlier in the episode—was that if the gang won the competition, Sr. Chang would be allowed into the study group. Luckily, the group has a change of heart and shows up at the last minute.

[There was a video here]

Special thanks to Jeff and Abed for acting out what is now my favorite dance move ever: The Puppet.