You guys caught Osama Bin Laden's new anti-global warming tape, right? But before we think Bin Laden has transformed completely into the Islamist Al Gore, consider the news that OBL is suspected of planning commando-style attacks on American targets.

The AP reports that a recently-thwarted plan to attack European and American cities with teams of gunman originated at the highest level of al-Qaida, including Osama bin Laden. Meanwhile, OBL's fatwas are being used by prosecutors in the case of Ahmed Ghailani, who's been charged with helping blow up U.S. embassies on Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. Expect fans of OBL's early, "unplugged" stuff to fill the Manhattan courtroom where Ghailani's being tried.

Bin Laden's back, baby! Now if only U.S. intelligence could figure out where the next stop in his world tour was going to be.

[Photo via Getty]