Now that its October we thought I'd suggest a movie to get you in the Halloween mood. Dr. Phibes Rises Again is the sequel to The Abominable Dr. Phibes starring Vincent Price.

Unfortunately the first film is not available on Netflix instant view, but luckily you can still enjoy the second one without seeing the first with a little help from yours truly. Pretty much Dr. Phibes is a lot like Mr. Freeze from Batman, except for the fact that he is undead. In the first film Dr. Phibes seeks to avenge the death of his wife Victoria by killing the nine doctors who failed to save her life according to the nine of the Pharaoh's curses that you probably remember from the story of passover.

In the second film, the one you'll be watching Dr. Phibes and his ambiguously supernatural assistant, Vulnavia travel to Egypt in an attempt open the gates to the afterlife where Dr. Phibes can finally be reunited with his dead wife.

The film is super kitschy with plexiglas pipe organs and Phibes's Clockwork Wizards, an inflated animatronic swing band. It's got style, its got flair, its on Netflix instant view, and you should watch it.

Stream the entire movie at Netflix by clicking here.