Police in New Haven, Connecticut have launched a program called "Operation Nightlife" in order to crack down on violence at nightclubs. Armed with assault rifles, last night they raided a Yale party and tasered a student for being "uncooperative."

The Yale Daily News reports on the incident last night at the New Haven club Elevate, which police raided for underage drinking:

Armed with what witnesses said were assault rifles and wearing what appeared to be SWAT gear, the officers stormed into the Crown Street club Elevate at 12:50 a.m., yelling at students to hit the ground, shut up and get out their IDs. By the end of the night, dozens of Morse and Stiles students turned to their residential college deans and masters for answers, asking whether police brutality had occurred.

You never know what kind of crowd you're going to run into at a Yale party, so you might as well bring the SWAT team, right?

By 2 a.m., as the officers were handcuffing uncooperative students and putting others in what witnesses said police called "time out."

Within the hour, eyewitnesses said, a sophomore was Tasered, jumped on and beaten in the middle of the dance floor by at least four New Haven police officers - as more than a hundred students looked on - because the student was "uncooperative during the raid."

Here's a very inconclusive video:

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