17 year-old car crash victim Jesse Shipley's classmates were shocked to discover his brain floating in a jar during a field trip a few years ago. Now, another family has come forward with similar charges against New York's Medical Examiner.

According to the New York Post, the New York City Medical Examiner's office removed the brain and spinal cord of 11-year-old Queens resident Vasean Alleyne after she he was killed by a drunk driver in 2004. But his mother didn't find out about it until she read a Medical Examiner's report—after she had already buried her son without all of his organs. She sued the city five years ago over the incident, and her suit was just cleared to go forward.

The Post, meanwhile, have left no brain-related pun unmade. Today's headline: "Numbskull ME in New Head Case." The lede: "Maybe it's the Medical Examiner's Office that has no brains." Yesterday's cover about the Shipley case was even more incredible: "NO BRAINER." The Post's crypt keepers/headline writers have really been burning the candle on both ends in their dark underground lair.

[Yesterday's cover, via the Post]