Tonight on Mad Men, news of Lucky Strike's departure from SCDP went public and the agency was thrown into a tizzy. Is this the end for SCDP and what would this mean personally for the now somewhat-steadied Draper?

In the last few weeks, we've seen Don steady himself in some substantial ways: he's cut back on the drinking, at least enough to not be out of control each week; he's settled into a relationship with mature woman, a relationship he feels secure enough in to tell her about his past. But, in the world of Mad Men, things never stay settled for too long, and as soon as the Department of Defense hurdle and the threat to Don's identity passed, now comes a new problem: the future of SCDP is in serious question without Lucky Strike's billings. Can Don get through this without destroying everything good he's built in the last few episodes?

Probably not. After clients begin to jump ship, Don turns to Faye and asks her to provide for him a list of unhappy clients at the other agencies she works at. We've Don be sneaky with business before but this is the first time we've seen him ask someone else to compromise their ethics for him. He's never acted this frantically before, his sabotaging of CGC with the Honda spec spot was devious to be sure, but it wasn't desperate.


And then came what we knew had been brewing for a while: Don and Megan have a late-night tryst in his office, foreshadowed by his lingering glance at her at the end of the episode two weeks ago, and the off-hand comment made by his accountant in that same episode. She maintains that this "has nothing to do with work" and insists that she won't run out crying (the way Allison did), but can Don stick to that? We've already seen him cross that line with Faye.