The Guardian today has a live update page for the London Underground strike, and one reporter is asking readers to complain to him via Twitter. He's also got Twitter swearing guidelines. "The formula is thus: (mild expletive) + tube strike."

Sounds like it's a pretty bad day to be a commuter in London, no? Unions representing Underground workers have staged a 24-hour strike to oppose planned layoffs of some 800 employees. Obviously, striking on Monday morning has pissed off quite a few people. But when complaining on Twitter, it's best to use family-friendly swears.


As one might expect, Twitter is awash with tales of inner-city travelling woe.

An accepted form of airing one's grievance with the industrial action has already developed. The formula is thus: (mild expletive) + tube strike

Examples of usage:

@Nic_dy: Fecking tube strike!!!!

A quick look through the comments section of the Guardian's live blog offers a nice window into how some Londoners really feel about their public transportation workers and officials.

DanLobster: Thanks for a super shitty morning. Again. £116 per month for this bollocks.

vanguardia: how BRILLIANT - strikes and more strikes will occur due to the capitalist cancer that is eating the very consumers it needs to thrive..

southcoaststory: Most Londoners have such crappy boring pointless jobs anyway. Any opportunity not to be in work, to take an extended lie in, work from home or to bunk off and have a late start is a gift!

Suck it up, London.

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