Dexter is having some trouble sliding into his new role as a single father. Rita's death is on every character's minds this season, and it's having a profound effect on Dexter.

How does a serial killer grieve?


For a self-professed sociopath, he appears to be acting a lot like a human.

Lest we forget that Dexter's dark passenger is always present, he brings his baby along to interpret blood spatter.


Sure it's disturbing, but it's sweet for Dexter. I love that side of him, it shows that he is a person. He just happens to murder people.

Poor Dexter has no normal outlet for his emotions, so he decides to investigate that murder on his own. Not sure I agree with his rationalization, though.

Just as Dexter thinks he has his life under control, Astor and Cody decide to move to Orlando with their grandparents. Looks like his hopes for returning his family to normal have been dashed, for now at least.

All this has taken a real toll on our favorite serial killer.

Dexter is depressed. He can't even feel fulfilled by the prospect of a kill. How does a murderer overcome depression? That's something we'll have to wait until next week to find out.