Self-described "100% gay" skydiving instructor Donald Zarda was fired from his job after a woman (to whom Zarda was strapped, during a tandem skydive) complained he sexually harassed her, somehow, while skydiving. Thought I had a joke, but no.

Donald Zarda was strapped tightly to the woman, identified only as Rosanna, as they floated to earth in a tandem jump June 18, when he told her, "Don't worry, I'm gay." ...

Zarda says Maynard accused him of "inap propriate behavior" and also said he had touched the student "in a way that made her uncomfortable."

I guess there's some sort of riff on "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" to be made, but it just feels forced. Sometimes strange things happen in this world of ours.

[NYP. Pic: FB]