Stand-up comedian Ralphie May got busted for carrying pot in Guam's airport because he walked up to the drug-sniffing dog and tried to play with it. In case you're wondering, that's a bad idea when you're carrying.

Apparently Ralphie May—who won Last Comic Standing—has a license to carry medical marijuana, and "accidentally" left some in his bag during a flight to Guam. Then he did this:

When I got to baggage claim, I actually walked up to the dog. I love dogs and petted Nickey, the beautiful shepherd mix, and she sat down. That indicates to the handler that I had marijuana on me. I didn't know that, I just thought that dog loved me. Then another dog came over and it sat down as well and I petted that dog too. I was thinking these dogs love me they can tell I'm a dog person.

This sounds suspiciously like something that would happen if you were baked out of your mind and ran into a drug-sniffing dog. Anyway, Ralphie paid a small fine because his stash was less than an ounce: "The customs agents said they knew I didn't mean to smuggle drugs into Guam cause no drug smuggler would be stupid enough to walk up to the dogs and pet them." At least it'll be good material for his self-hating stand-up routine! [TMZ, image via]