On American Dad's 100th episode, Hayley runs away with her ex-boyfriend Jeff, prompting Stan to offer a $50,000.00 reward to anyone who can stop the impending elopement. Most importantly, however, Roger trips on amphetamines while driving down the highway.

Hayley's ex Jeff is a hippie, and Stan and Francine do not approve - Francine even refers to Jeff as a "poser-ass bitch."

When Stan finds a note from Hayley stating she is running away and eloping, he's so infuriated he tries to turn back time by rotating the world on its axis.


He offers a $50,000.00 reward to anyone who can stop the marriage, and sends out a description, telling people to be on the lookout for a likely women's studies major with a run-of-the-mill stoner. The resulting artist's depiction on the local news is spot-on:

And now to Roger tripping on Turkish amphetamines: