In this week's episode, The Good Guys poke fun at documentary-style police procedurals with a CSI so nerdy that he spent the better part of a decade playing an alien on Star Trek.

This mousey investigator has been tracking a notorious tech bandit across the country, and he arrives in Dallas with his own documentary filmmaker in tow. The Dallas PD treats them as visiting dignitaries, and Jack and Dan are assigned to assist them. After realizing that this mostly involves driving the self-important investigator around and fetching him lunch, Dan stages a mutiny and asks the cameraman if he'd like to document some "real police work."


The "Time Bandit" in question turns out to be a erudite food blogger who only steals tech secrets to keep his website in business. After an unlikely (and unrelated) vice sting turns into a hostage crisis, Jack and Dan enlist the thief to help them catch a much bigger fish. The episode ends with the mysterious disappearance of both Mr. CSI's thief and his cameraman: