Tonight, Bristol Palin did the Foxtrot on DWTS—or she tried to, at least. It was weird. Partner Mark Ballas played a homeless man who Palin rejected... and then danced with. Inside, video of the routine and judges' comments/scores.

Here's Palin's routine, which—to say the least—was not stellar. Honestly, Palin looked less like a ballroom dancer and more like an amoeba that needed to be hauled around the stage by Ballas:

Unsurprisingly, the judges weren't too keen on Palin's performance. Here are their comments:


And finally, the scores—and Palin's response to them ("It sucks!"). Palin also addressed the apparent illogic of being so uncomfortable in front of the camera/"acting" on the show, yet priding herself as a public speaker. Watch:

[Dancing with the Stars]