In Bell, California, America's most corrupt town, the farcical stories of civic corruption don't stop just because most of the elected officials there were arrestedl. There's so much more to learn about! Like the "disabled" police chief's exercise habit.

The fact that Bell police chief Randy Adams (salary: $457K) had himself declared "disabled" at the time of his hiring (in order to secure a hefty benefits package) was a scandal in itself. But Bell taxpayers may be even more pissed off when they read about Randy's super physical fitness regimen in today's LA Times:

The injuries that former Bell Police Chief Randy Adams cited in a bid to collect millions of tax-free dollars from a law-enforcement disability pension did not prevent him from taking rigorous spinning classes and posting an impressive time in a 5K race, the Glendale Downtown Dash.

Nor did they stop him from noting on an April 2008 job application for Orange County sheriff that he enjoys skiing and has participated in the 120-mile Baker to Las Vegas Relay run.

Bell had its first City Council meeting since the big arrests last night—but they had to cancel it when all the felons didn't show up. Hey: if every politician who committed a felony decided they could take off from work, then predictable jokes such as this would ensue.