Tonight, Larry King Live was graced with the presence of the legendary Liza Minnelli—and it was a doozy. From Lady Gaga to (uncontrollable) laughter, marriages to mocking, serenades to surgeries, and more, the best video moments are inside.

Liza Serenades Larry

The show started off with a bang, and Minnelli quickly serenaded King with a song from her new album.



Then, Minnelli performed the video version of a photobomb. Videobomb?


The Wizard Who Fixed Her Hips and Knees

While on the topic of her hip and knee replacements, Minnelli had a unique way of describing her new physical makeup.

Marriage Schmarriage

King asked Minnelli if she'd ever marry again—here's what happened.

Then, Minnelli got in a jab at King about his marriages.

Gaga for the Lady

How does Minnelli feel about Lady Gaga? Let's find out (Bonus: the most unlikely Maroon 5 reference ever).

The Awkward End

I can't tell if Minnelli knows King is joking here and is playing along, or if she's genuinely confused/scared. What do you think?

That's all she wrote!

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