Last night's episode of The Big C saw Cathy once again trying to tie up some loose ends, family wise. This time taking a trip out to see her dad, who unsurprisingly, fits right in as another miserable old coot.

Thankfully, Cathy's husband wasn't invited on the trip out and her awful son chose not to come, so we didn't have to suffer through their annoying baggage. Instead they chose to stay home and partake in the age old tradition of an irresponsible father - annoying underage son drinking session. The results were nothing if not predictable. Father asleep on the living room floor. Son asleep on the front lawn.

In the meantime Cathy and her smelly brother took to the road. A chance to try to learn more about each other soon turned into a "who's cooler than who" competition and quickly morphed into an awkward silent, disappointed car ride from there once the cat was out of the bag that Cathy has been cheating on her poor, fat, irritating husband and was no longer worthy of the pedestal which he'd created for her.

And then we got to meet Dad....

[There was a video here]

Well that went well. At least Cathy got a chance to redeem herself in her brother's eyes. Which led the two of them to the ultimate bonding session on a beach, where Cathy finally felt strong enough to reveal her big secret to her brother.

[There was a video here]

NO! Damn you Cathy. Why must you string us along? Will her family ever know? Why are all the men in her life such weak, fragile, crybabies? Will the crotchety old neighbor finally do us all a favor and run down Cathy's son in her undoubtedly run down car? I guess we'll just have to wait another week and see. See you next Tuesday, Big C.