A University of Denver PhD candidate has completed some utterly crucial research into why people unfriend one another on Facebook. The big takeaway: Don't be too focused. In the attention deficit disordered world of social networking, concentration is highly annoying.

Time summed up the top reasons for being dumped on Facebook as being the "exact same reasons that you can get a radio show, which is basically correct. All of these are basically about being an obnoxious obsessive, which is kind of ironic since the respondents were polled on Twitter, the microblogging service specifically designed for obnoxious obsessives.

The top reasons for unfriending, in order, are:

1. Going on and on about the same thing. If your friends wanted to be exposed to endless boring images of your cat, they'd be at your house more often instead of mediating you through Facebook. Stop being so consistent and predictable, GOD.

2. Talking politics. You might be dying to tell your family and friends about how America's president wants to personally bury the Pope alive and build a mosque on top of him. After all, it's not like there's a cable network dedicated to spreading that sort of news. But you will pay a price for speaking Truth To Power.

3. Talking religion. See 2.

4. Being vulgar. If you're concerned about whether you're posting things in bad taste, you're almost certainly not posting things in bad taste, since vulgarians are almost always oblivious and/or apathetic.

5. Being racist. This is only number five, so presumably if you can avoid being obsessive, political, vulgar or religious you might get a pass.

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