This season of Top Model is supposed to be about high fashion. But as you all know, where there's a high theres always undoubtedly a low. With that in mind, watch as every single contestant tumbles during their runway challenge.

Dramatic tunnel location? Check. Hot, shirtless male models? Check. Fabulous Herve Leroux bandage dresses? Check. Tonight's runway challenge had all the makings of a fabulous fashion show. But of course, this being reality TV it wouldn't be dramatic enough without throwing a huge wrench into the gears and that wrench was a conveyor belt runway. Naturally, when you put eleven girls who can barely walk on a stationary runway into four-inch heels and make them walk down a moving one, they're all going to make asses of themselves. Thankfully for everyone watching that logic did not disappoint, because that's pretty much what happened.

Not to be outdone, the audience watching these girls falls down their shame-spiral in person provided some wonderful reaction shots.


Loved that this woman clearly chanelled SNL's Mr. Bill with her "Oh Noooo!" face.

I was going to mention how this Consuela from Family Guy look-a-like is also pulling a Mr. Bill in the shot, but I mostly just like the hottie on the far right.


This one's pretty amusing because the big girl on the left just can't hold her laughter in. Big girls always love it when skinny girls embarrass themselves.

"Guess you're not as good a runway diva couch extraordinaire as we thought!"

No. Apparently he isn't.

Oh, and in case you were wondering eventual-winner Ann won best photo of the week AGAIN. I mean, you'd think they'd just pack up this competition and give her the Italian Vogue spread already. It's just cruel to the other girls.