What better way to get out of something you don't want to do than use a natural disaster as an excuse? That's exactly what Mitchell did on tonight's Modern Family.

Cameron used to date Pepper Saltsman (Lane), who has a penchant for throwing elaborate theme parties with titles like "Studio Fifty Fourth of July BBQ" and "Seder Day Night Fever." Because, that's just what gay men on TV do. Just when Mitch and Cam were getting ready to go to "Oscar Wilde and Crazy Brunch," despite wanting to cancel, an earthquake gave them the perfect out.

Except it backfired when Cam's elaborate lie made Pepper rush over to make sure his friends were okay. The natural reaction was to stage the damage rather than come clean to Pepper and hurt his feelings. So the guys just destroyed everything.


When Pepper got there, they did come clean about not wanting to go to his outlandish character parties, and it turned the poor guy into a weepy mess. But don't worry! Another lie about Cameron still loving him saved the day, and their friendship with Pepper.

Problem solved.