We attended many ragers during our time at Large Midwestern University, but this is next-level. Three University of Wisconsin students have been fined $86,000 for a house party they threw one fateful game day.

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This past Sept. 11th, Travis Ludy, 21, Mitchell Klatt, 20, and Kevin Tracy, 20, held a classic kegger at their Madison pad: $5 /cup, 200-300 sweaty people packed in a dingy basement. Of course cops eventually shut it down, because cops are lame. So far, so fucking sweet.

But then the three bros learned police were issuing them 130 citations for the party, ranging from dispensing alcohol without a permit to "adult encouraging underage alcohol consumption." Total fine: $86,000, split between the three.

Tracy told Channel 3000:

"I thought it was a joke — $30,000 for having one party, each? That's obnoxious... I have less than $100 in my bank account. We're college kids."

Did you hear that? One million high-fives just died.