Sometimes chefs need to let off some steam when the pressure gets too high in the kitchen. That can happen in two ways: they go unwind and have some fun or they explode and get bitchy. Guess who picked which?

On last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen, the chefs were surprised with some special clients: the Beverly Hills High School Prom Committee! You heard that right. Hell's Kitchen was going to host a prom!

Unfortunately for the Blue Team, the decidedly discerning palates of the prom committee didn't agree with their choices on the tasting menu, giving the Red Team the win. As punishment, they had to decorate the dining area in classic Hollywood-style decor in preparation for the prom. Some of male chefs didn't take being bossed around by teens too well...


The reward for the women this week came in the form of a trip to a local amusement park where they got to let their inner children come out to play. However, it got a a bit PG-13 rated when they posed for Wild Wild West photo shoot and the ladies' assets started to feel a little frisky.