How Victoria Beckham Copes With Her Husband's Weird Voice: Look at Him Naked, Then Swoon

Posh reveals the secret to loving a guy with a ridiculous voice. Ashton's self-proclaimed mistress says he and Demi are swingers. Amy Winehouse says she's been clean for three years. Toni Braxton files for bankruptcy again. Thursday gossip has arrived.

  • Victoria Beckham insists her husband didn't cheat with a prostitute, and to prove it she gave a glowing interview to Marie Claire—and finally explained how the hell she puts up with David Beckham's weird voice: First, she looks at him naked. ("He had no clothes on whatsoever... I just stood there looking at him. He was all tan... All ripped, not an ounce of fat on him...") "And I thought, you done good, girl. I sure wasn't thinking of his high-pitched voice." [MarieClaire, DailyMail, image via Getty]

  • The paparazzi caught Leonardo DiCaprio doing the Titanic "I'm flying" pose by the ocean in Ibiza. You know he secretly does it all the time. [DailyMail]

  • Toni Braxton has filed for bankruptcy for the second time in her life. I guess once your credit rating is screwed anyway, you may as well go for broke? Her court documents list $50 million in debt (she's worth less than $10 million) to creditors like the Four Seasons Hotel, Neiman Marcus, and Tiffany's. [TMZ]

  • The 21-year-old who claims she had sex with Ashton Kutcher says he and Demi Moore are swingers: "Ashton said he and Demi have an open relationship and have threesomes often. I didn't feel at all like he had just cheated on his wife. It felt normal and OK." According to Brittney Jones, Demi wasn't mad when the cheating scandal broke, just mad that he banged a lady without her: "He said they share women, but he isn't supposed to go off and sleep with women on his own. He said Demi had to be there and that Demi likes to pick the girls out." [Star, print edition via HollywoodLife, Radar]

  • Kim Kardashian has a new boyfriend: 28-year-old actor Michael Copon. He'll appear on her TV show, so obviously this has nothing to do with publicity and everything to do with love. [Celebitchy]

  • Jessica Simpson during a "support the troops" visit with the Navy: "She flew in on a helicopter and had three Red Bulls with no water. Then she complained it was too hot out. She only sang one song, then vomited." To her credit, she was in Qatar, and international travel can be a bitch. [Us]

  • Amy Winehouse says she's off drugs: "I used to use drugs and I haven't used drugs in almost three years. I literally woke up one day and was like, 'I don't want to do this any more.'" As for her continued gaunt figure, "When I started eating right, I lost quite a lot of weight. Everyon thinks it was because of my lifestyle. It was because my eating habits got a lot better and I came to my natural weight." [People]

  • As part of her massive body revamp, Kelly Osbourne plans to remove her tattoos, which were a "mistake." (15 mistakes?) The first ones to go will be the keyboard on her arm and the heart and crossbones on her wrist. [Popeater]

  • Eight weeks of chemotherapy and radiation later, Michael Douglas is almost done with his treatment for throat cancer. He has one cancer treatment left. [People]

  • The death of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's fire performing brother Dan Gordon-Levitt may have been drug-related. A neighbor claims there were "needles and syringes" everywhere when the paramedics came. [Radar]

  • Utah police have completed their investigation into TLC's polygamist reality stars and handed the case over to prosecutors. Meanwhile, Kody Brown and his wives have retained a "constitutional law guru" of a lawyer to try to keep them out of jail. The lawyer says he'll argue "selective prosecution" if he has to. [TMZ]

  • The "former manager of the hooker" (pimp?) who claims she has a sex tape of Tiger Woods says the whole thing is a "scam." Duh. [Radar]