Oh, how we wish we could show you this entire episode. How is it that two of the season's best new shows both had "secretly ditching a corpse" subplots this week? And that both involved veteran character actor Michael Gaston?

Last week, Terriers introduced Hank's crazy awesome sister Steph, and we showed you the closing scene where she slowly uncovered the recently deceased body of local "businessman" Robert Lindus in Hank's tub. The payoff to this tease came early in this week's episode:

[There was a video here]

So, Hank & Britt dispose of the body and perform a little "Weekend at Bernie's" slight-of-hand to make it seem like Mr. Lindus is still among the living. Hank eventually ends up across a desk from the aforementioned Mr. Gaston (playing a "lawyer" in the same sense that Mr. Lindus was a "businessman") and the elusive Tall Man In The Tan Suit, whom we learn is a Private Eye / Problem Solver (a la Hank & Britt) named Burke. As we mentioned, there's a lot of rigmarole that we wish we had time to show you, but this clip of Donal Logue doing what he does best sums it up nicely:

[There was a video here]

The rest of the episode ties up this story arc in a nice little bow, while still leaving the ribbon with a couple of loose ends for future entanglement. The important takeaway is that Our Heroes save the day, and they learn NO lessons about the consequences of digging around the fringes of the law... setting up lots of further adventures for our enjoyment.

Make sure to catch a replay of Terriers, or watch it on demand. I'm confident that this is a DVD all us cool kids will have on our shelves, eventually.