Meet April Kepner. Seattle Grace resident. Hospital shooter survivor. Oh, and did I mention she's a virgin? Just don't get her angry. You won't like what she has to tell you when she's angry.

Normally on this page we'd have plenty more to talk about. Unfortunately, tonight's Grey's was kind of a dud. Sure, there was the Private Practice crossover storyline with Derek's annoying kid sister Amelia and the guy with tree trunk hands caused by HPV, but otherwise a pretty staid hour of television. I guess this is what they call a build-up episode? It's meant to prepare us for big things to come. And that's where poor April comes in. When confronted with a patient—herself a twenty-seven year old virgin with a condom stuck in her lungs from, ahem, practicing—everyone began suspecting that quiet April Kepner was hymenally-challenged as well, which is the correct and most PC way of putting it according to "Clueless." In any event, when April finally did reveal what we all already knew to be true she decided to take everyone else and their own drama down with her.

[There was a video here]

Guess now all of these storylines we thought had no way of progressing finally will now that they're all out in the open. So, thank you virgin April. And good luck with... whatever it is that you do.