Meet Ritchie the V. Unfortunately, the V is dead. Too much partying, fights, and 'roids? Nope, some one bashed his head in. Now to find the killer, Booth and Brennan must decipher the deep mysteries of the "Guido Tribe"!

This week, Booth and Brennan get firsthand experience in what some consider to be the greatest sociological experiment of our time: The Jersey Shore. However, there's no time for GTL as they're there to check out how some poor juicehead got murdered.

Lucky for them, Dr. Temperance Brennan has been studying the ways of the Jersey Shore denizens through a very interesting documentary she saw on TV...


Brennan finally gets her chance for some field work in the natural habitat of the Guidos when they visit the Shore to investigate the murder. However, her distinct lack of normal social skills makes her conversations with the locals infinitely more amusing than usual.