Catty comments and petty insults flew across the workroom as eliminated designers rejoined the finalists this week. During the melee, Michael C, the proverbial black sheep of the group, came under fire for some subterfuge in a previous challenge.

The designers were challenged to create three pieces that would fit in with Heidi Klum's current collection. Although most took it into stride, Gretchen and Mondo weren't too happy with Heidi's criticism. Toss in a bucket of previously eliminated designers and all that was missing was the eventual explosion. That dose of drama was added soon as some of the eliminated, namely Ivy, were still rather bitter about leaving and decided to stir up some trouble with their additional airtime.

[There was a video here]

Hey, some girls just need some tape to keep their boobs on, not necessarily to keep their clothes on.

Thank goodness Tim Gunn the Fabulous brought back order before drama threatened to destroy the workroom. He settled the accusations of cheating exactly like a schoolteacher reprimanding a naughty group of students. What would Project Runway do without him?

[There was a video here]

Also, what was up with Heidi's dress? Was she trying to blend in with the background and disappear? Considering that the challenge was all about her, her style, and her line it seems a little strange that she wanted to play it low key on the runway.